Monday, November 24, 2014

Global cuts

Having the vet visit on Tuesday meant I had to clear off my work bench to make room for him to examine Mr Nibbs.

And I vowed that I would deal with the piles of stuff that I moved off it rather than just pile it all back on. But first. while it was clear, I decided to see if I could indeed use some of the contents of the snow globe I bought that afternoon from the Typo factory outlet store:
Tiny models of the Chrysler Building, the New York Stock Exchange and a New York yellow cab on top of a table vice.
Three miniature New York landmarks for a total of $1? I'm happy. (Alas the Statue of Liberty and Empire State Building didn't survive the breaking into the globe and the cutting apart of the contents)

1 comment :

Rebecca said...

You broke the Statue of Liberty? Oh no!