Thursday, November 06, 2014

Thursday twilight: tiny things

It's been a very long time since I've visited the Typo factory outlet store (I didn't see much point after they said they were stopping the green boxes, and then once I started catching the bus it just seemed all too difficult to get there). But this afternoon after work a series of coincidences meant that a friend and I who were heading to an opening happened to give another friend a lift to her car, which just happened to be parked at the Canberra Outlet Centre. And since we were running early, it seemed silly not to just pop in and see what was there...

What was there was a green box table! And a shop assistant who made it very clear, in several ways, that UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES were customers allowed into the green boxes. So we had to content ourselves with scratching around what they already had out on the table (not much) and what else they had on sale.

What else they had were miniatures. The packing crate and the pallet set seemed outrageously expensive at $5 each (compared to what we used to pay for stuff there) but the miniature cardboard stag head made up for it ($2: it's missing its nose, can't you see?)
Miniature Typo cardboard stag head, wooden packing  crate and pallets.
It's good to see Typo continue to offer miniature options. I kid myself that my (fairly) constant banging on about using their goods for miniature scenes might have something to do with it, but somehow I doubt it.
A hand holding up a miniature cardboard stag head, printed with a flower pattern.
I'm intrigued to find out if the miniature stag head  comes in any other patterns. I was told it was new, but it appears to be so new that it's not even hit their website yet. Luckily, I have an afternoon meeting in town tomorrow and might just need to pop into the retail Typo store on the way home and see what the story is...
A hand holding up a miniature wooden pallet.
A hand holding up a miniature wooden packing crate.
 But Typo wasn't the point of the evening. We were off to the Tuggeranong Arts Centre for the opening of the exhibition Little Things: an exploration of miniatures, kawaii, and all things tiny.
Woman standing in front of several coloured sketches in a gallery.
 Alas, the artist's idea of miniatures and my idea of miniatures didn't quite gel...
Coloured sketches of  range of little things including leaves, shells, feathers and bugs.
Coloured sketches of  range of  items including an envelope, knitted hat, glasses, banana and burger.
But they were well-executed works and my friend and I enjoyed catching up on a Thursday night over a glass of bubbles each and starting to make our plans for 2015.


Pepper said...

Don't you just hate it when something is advertised as miniature but it is in fact just a 'smaller' version? It's like they're trying to taunt us. I do like that crate though =0)

Mad For Mod said...

Nice finds at Typo. I love the stag's head!