Sunday, November 30, 2014

I couldn't contain myself... the Australian Miniature Enthusiasts Association meeting yesterday.

I bought a trunk for Margell (even though I have the kit from the last meeting, still waiting to be put together.
Miniature vintage tin trunk.
But I figured $12 was a small price to pay for such a beautifully aged example, and I can now use it as study piece when I make my own.)
Open miniature vintage tin trunk, showing newspaper lining.
 And the trunk seemed to set the theme for the rest of my acquisitions. Kathy Brindle gave me this beautifully-crafted hat box the she made, and Adelaide Cann gave me one of her new wooden crayon cases.
Miniature blue and white polka dot hat box, vintage tin trunk and crayon box with scissors.
And there were more containers in a couple of 'bags of bits' I bought from Chell Oldfield (who was the tutor for the round-table workshop I took):
Selection of miniature vintage bags, boxes and a trunk.
 These black and white shoe boxes caught my attention in one of the bags,
Collection of four miniature vintage black and white striped shoe boxes.
 as did this lovely vintage gift box,
Miniature vintage gift box.
 and this crumpled empty Toblerone packet!
Miniature vintage empty and crumpled Toblerone chocolate package.
 And this is the rest of the contents of the jar-making kit I got from the Chell's workshop. Lots of lovely possibilities in there for stocking Margell's pantry!
Small ziplock bag filled with tiny dolls' bottles and a selection of printies for making miniature jars.

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Susan@minicrochetmad said...

Nice haul! The trunk is to die for, perfect!! Shoe boxes pretty good too. Margell is getting to be full of comforts!