Friday, September 04, 2015

Futzing around Friday

I'm feeling like I've not got very far with any of the projects I'm working on.

Although the retro caravan has made it to dry-fit stage, which must be a good thing:
Modern dolls' house miniature retro caravan kit, undercoated and taped together with masking tape.
Meanwhile I've made no progress on the HBS Creatin' Contest kit. Unless you count blutacking a bulb from a Typo heart marquee light to the outside to remind me to make a lighting plan.
Side of a modern dolls' house miniature kit, with a light attached next to an area marked to be cut out for a door.
I do have an excuse for this one: the lovely Fran from HBS offered me a second sliding door for the kit, so I'm waiting for that to arrive before I make the final decision between French or sliding doors for the side entries, and cut the necessary holes to fit them...

And the Lundby hack? Well, I have cut the bar floor out of a roll of black sparkly stuff I picked up from Typo (I have no idea what it was originally supposed to be used for), gathered some wallpaper options and pulled out the bag of gold stars I bought for the build.
Modern dolls' house miniature room with a black sparkly floor and black and gold striped walls. On the floor is  a black leather sofa, a gold armchair, and a bag of gold stars.
So, all in all not much progress...



Shiya Priya said...
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Kitty And Kat Miniatures said...

You've made progress! The caravan looks great. These are the boring stages of a project....just wait till the decorating, then you'll get moving.