Monday, September 28, 2015

The (miniature) week that was...

It's been a bit quiet on the blog front around here, but that doesn't mean nothing has been going on. To start with, I've been spending my blogging time this week on sorting out and cleaning up back-end stuff, which is boring but worthwhile.

More excitingly, I received a package from Lundby Australia, which contained a range of goodies from their new Smaland 2015 range:
Selection of Lundby dolls' house and furniture sets in packaging.
 I'd only asked for the new bluetooth stereo, to review for the next issue of The tiny Times, so was surprised and delighted to receive the added extras. I feel a blog post about which pieces work in 1/12 scale coming on, but first I need to share my excitement at being able to play music in your dolls' house:
Modern dolls house miniature scene with a sideboard stereo unit. 
I took a quick video just after I unpacked it, using the only house I had wired up, and the only track on my phone:
(Also on the list of things to do: make a better video, outlining how it works)

But first, I need to finish preparing new stock for my stall at the AMEA Convention:
Modern dolls' house miniature scene with a black stag head mounted on a spotty wall behind a desk displaying a plant in a black pot, a bronze bowl and a wooden ampersand plaque.
and do some more work on my Etsy shop, which has something in it for the first time since I opened it eight years ago (thanks to The Etsy Courage Challenge for the kick in the bum and the reminder that 'done is better than perfect'.) 
Screemshot of a newly-opened Etsy store.
All of this means that there's been nothing done on any of my Finish it off Friday projects at all this month...*sigh*


Pepper Mitcheson said...

Ah, that music takes me back. Love the disco lights too =0)

H. Bean said...

Ahh, I already thought the new stereo was nice, but i had no idea it had bluetooth in! How cool (& ok, that's definitely added onto my list of things to get now). DM! <3 I like the pink fridge in the new stuff too, but haven't seen any close-ups of it yet, does it light up when the door opens?