Tuesday, March 22, 2016

A light for Lorraine's

The first thing I bought at last weekend's ACTME show was from Wendy Benson's 'bits and bobs' box. I have no idea what it was originally (possibly some sort of bottle lid?) but it screamed '1970s nightclub chandelier' to me (and started this song playing in my head).

And for 50 cents, I really couldn't go wrong, could I?

After I got home from work tonight I took a deep breath, remembered what Lorraine from Fairy Meadow Miniatures taught me when she visited, and set my drill to work. And ended up with this:
Close up of a modern dolls' house miniature 1970s-style chandelier.
which I built a scene around, deciding to call it 'Lorraine's Night Club' in her honour.
Modern dolls' house miniature circular booth, table and modern chandelier above.
It makes me want to return to my 1980s clubbing days...


Mad For Mod said...

I think Simple Minds could have used this in their video!

Elizabeth S said...

A really FABULOUS looking chandelier!!! Good on you! :D