Sunday, March 20, 2016

I may have found my mini mojo at the Canberra show

COllection of dolls' house miniature purchases piled on a desk.
The 2016 ACT Miniature Enthusiasts Show was on yesterday and, as usual, I had a stall there (and was taking photos for the May issue of The tiny Times).

Once again, my main shopping was done on Wendy Benson's stall. I picked up everything in this picture for $26:
COllection of dolls' house miniature purchases arranged on a desk.
These matchboxes full of vintage wood blocks were $2 each (I've had some of these pieces before but never knew where they were from).
Seven sets of miniature vintage wooden blocks packaged in matchboxes, with one matchbox (with 'build with me' printed on the lid) open to show tiny blocks and an instruction sheet.
And the MIP Pyrex dolls' house ovenware set still had it's original price tag from David Jones on the back of it.
Back of a plastic bag with a David Jones price sticker on it showing a price of 75 cents.
I did buy one more thing, blowing my budget just a little:
Dolls' house miniature wooden dolls' house mounted on a desk.
Dolls' house miniature wooden dolls' house mounted on a desk, with the front open to show the shelves inside.
I was inspired by a discussion on the World of Dollshouse Miniatures Facebook group recently about a photo of a full-sized room that included a cocktail cabinet in the shape of a dolls' house.

Here's my interpretation of the room:
Modern dolls' house miniature scene with a wooden dolls' house mounted on a desk next to a white slipper chair, an arc lamp and with a cloche on the floor underneath it.


Pepper Mitcheson said...

I wonder if my Mojo was at the show too. I don't think I'll ever get it back. Love the mini dollshouse.

Rebecca said...

Wow, brilliant shopping! The cabinet is fantastic, and it's lovely to see the little wooden figures in sets. They were sold and packaged by other firms too - Galt, for instance - but usually just village pieces, houses, trees, people, sheep, etc. Lots of other great finds, too.

Maybe we should start a round robin blog called Where is Pepper's Mojo? and see if someone can find it?

Susan@minicrochetmad said...

Your mini mojo is looking good! Wonderful bag of loot, really made me smile to see the nested cups my children played with 4 decades ago! Love the cocktail cabinet, neat idea.

Mad For Mod said...

Glad you have your Mojo! It reminds me of Austin Powers when he lost his mojo. That's one fancy tiny little house! Nice finds!