Monday, March 06, 2017

Feeling cagey

Wire Daiso bird-cage ornament, next to its label.
Another $2.80 find from Daiso. I picked up two as I thought the bases would make great miniature side tables.

I didn't even consider the tops. Until early Saturday morning,when my inspiration helped me picture them as awesome (over-sized) miniature light shades...
Wire Daiso bird-cage ornament, opened, next to a pair of piers.
 And, suddenly, what I thought was a great bargain is an even greater bargain.
Modern dolls house miniature wire side table, with metal bird cage on top, next to a modern dolls house miniature wire cage-shaped light shade, and a pair of pliers.
(Plus I feel the need to visit Daiso again very soon...)


Pepper said...

That really is a fantastic table and lamp shade. The shade would look fab in an industrial setting with those old type filament bulbs. Hmmmm
Thanks for the heads-up :0)

elizabeth s said...

Nothing like doubling your pleasure by getting 2 for the price of ONE! :D

Kristine PaperDollMiniatures said...

So clever! I cannot get over how realistic they look! And no welding needed :)