Monday, March 13, 2017

Sunday: in the studio

You may be pleased to know that I have dug out various surfaces around the house, and not just by piling the bits into a plastic tub and setting it aside out of the way...

Indeed, I've actually made some progress. Those blue chairs, for instance: now much shorter
Plastic dolls' house miniature chair on a workbench next to a saw and pieces from the end of the chair legs.
(and without stickers)
Four plastic dolls' house chairs, placed on a drying rack with a selection of full-sized dishes.
I continued to fight with possible decorating options, none of which felt quite right,
Four versions of a modern miniature scene comprising two blue chairs, a dining table and an industrial-style light fitting. The wall and floor treatments vary between the pictures.
until I gave up in disgust and headed off for a break to read the latest issue of Uppercase. And check out Instagram.

Where this hit my feed (you can see it here, if you're not an Instagrammer)*, and I realised I had been overthinking the whole thing (as usual). And so, back in the studio, this mock-up made much more sense with the whole story of the build, which really was about a cheap and cheerful make over.
A modern miniature scene comprising two blue chairs and a white dining table with an industrial-style light fitting hanging above. In the foreground is a breeze-block wall and a plant. The back wall is covered with white anaglypta paper and on the floor is a sheet of mis-matched tiles in shades of blue, teal and white.
Which lead to deciding that I needed to add squabs to the existing benches,
Pieces of fabric, card and padding on a table with a pair of scissors and a seam ripper (which is sitting on a one-twelfth scale black bench seat).
with some cushions for added comfort... 
Six dolls' house miniature cushion tops, sewn on to a piece of backing fabric. One cushion is cut out, and the scissors are next to it.
(*Emily Hartley-Skudder, a recent discovery for me, is a fellow Kiwi who creates scenes in miniature and then makes oil paintings of them. Visit her website to see more of her work, read an article about her, or watch a video about her work (or her time living and working in New York).)

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