Friday, January 17, 2014

A mad plan

On the way to work this morning I did my first calendar delivery, to Ampersand Duck (you'll probably remember her from her work for the Call of the Small exhibition. Still available for purchase, btw...).

When she collected the package from where I'd left it balanced on her mail box she texted to say 'Wow, the calendar is exactly what I needed for my studio (although it feels too good to use)' which made me very happy and I replied that I looked forward to seeing it in situ (after offering her a wine-soaked version, which she sensibly turned down)

A short time later, this image appeared on her Facebook feed:
(image courtesy of Ampersand Duck)

I replied 'Squee! Also, is it madness to want to recreate this scene in miniature? Perhaps next year's calendar could be comprised of scenes recreating where this year's calendars ended up hanging...' and an idea was born.

I'll have 13 of my 2014 calendars in the wild, a number which fits perfectly the number of photos I need for a 2015 calendar. How much fun* would it be to ask each recipient to send me a photo of their calendar hanging up so I can create a miniature version of the scene?

Just in case, I made sure to get pictures of two of the calendars distributed to work buddies today:
(*'fun' may mean 'complete and utter craziness', depending on your interpretation)


Eliana said...

This is a great idea and a great project!

AMCSviatko said...

..but what happens next year if more than 13 people want/ get calendars? Do I produce a book? Or a series of calendars (which means people might have to buy the whole set and then I'll be rich! Rich I tell you! And will spend my entire life documenting—in miniature—where my work ends up...)

Pepper said...

I'm feeling a bit of an 'Inception' moment here. So you would do a miniature scene, containing a calendar of miniature scenes. Where would the madness end? ha-ha

Neen said...

It is an inspired idea. You also could ask people to send you a photo of the area where your blog is read, (with the computer/ laptop/ iPad/ phone with your blog on the screen). You could then recreate the scenes in miniature. In my case, you would have to recreate a 1930s club chair, suitably scratched (unfortunately) by the two cats that read all blogs over my shoulder.

BTW, Fabulous calendar!!

Véronique said...

Fun post, great idea and the comments are even funnier! *big smile*

Mini Dork said...

YES PLEASE! Calendars are just the beginning... Coffee table book!!! I'd buy one.

AMCSviatko said...

Ah yes, THE BOOK. It's still on THE LIST, jostling for attention every now and then. I need to decide if I want to pitch to one of my favourite publishing houses and, in return for not having to do all the work and take on all the risk, not have complete control, or do it myself.

I am very very tempted to do a crowd sourcing experiment for it. I mean, I just paid a silly amount of money to get my name listed in a printed book (mook?) ( by an online magazine that I love