Sunday, January 12, 2014

The editorial retreat

Canberra is only a little over 3 hours from Sydney by car, and a friend of mine travels up regularly to visit her mother. She offered me a lift up this weekend and I decided it was the perfect opportunity to meet with the Editor of The tiny Times, talk about my new role as her assistant, and start planning the magazine for the year.

I was fortunate enough to find a good last-minute deal on a two bedroom apartment not far from her house, close to where my friend was driving, and overlooking Lane Cove National Park.
After a quick grocery run, we settled in for a weekend's work:
Actually, much as our bush-sheltered back yard was a tempting place to work,
the heat and mugginess soon had us heading back inside to the cool of the air conditioner. Where we were tempted to take the hotel up on their offer:
(We assumed, since the freezer with the sticker was empty apart from the three ice-less trays, they were suggesting we just stick our heads in there for a spell)
 Saturday afternoon was dedicated to big-picture planning and making a mess of the lounge
while assessing the piles of back issues.
 We stopped for a scarily healthy dinner, somehow completely forgetting about the frozen pizza and the burnt fig ice cream that we had added to the empty freezer.
 This morning I got to do some quick upskilling in Publisher and some editing before it was time to check out.

Lunch at IKEA was followed by a bit of a buying frenzy. I picked up this fabulous rubber flooring, and a bunch of magnetic notice boards for mini use and a pile of stuff for full-sized use:
(The chair was one of a set given to me by my Editor)


Pepper said...

I like the 'After a quick grocery run, we settled in for a weekend's work' caption above a photo of your laptop and a bottle of wine =0D That's my kind of work =0)

AMCSviatko said...

We were good and didn't crack it open until dinner time.

(PS: I know read your comments in quite a different voice to what I did :-D )

Mini Dork said...

I love that shelf liner as flooring (my kitchen cabinets are full of it). Is it black or is it just the clear on top of your black floor? Looks fantastic.

AMCSviatko said...

It's actually a lovely industrial grey colour :-D