Friday, January 03, 2014

Final photos

Here are the rest of the photos from my visit to the California Design 1930–1965: Living in a Modern Way exhibition in Brisbane:
Eames lounge chair and wall design based on decorative cinder blocks (I have a bit of a thing for them and am always hopeful that I'll stumble across someone who makes them in miniature...)
 A full set of Arts & Architecture. When I spotted these in the library area of the exhibition (I forgot to photograph that: suffice to say it contained a(nother) Eames lounge chair and a shelf full of delicious exhibition-related books you were invited to read). I wanted to move in until I'd finished the lot. Of course, I could have bought my own set from the pop-up gift shop but didn't have a spare $1,350 in my budget (or the inclination to lug a 17 kilo box of books back to the airport on the train...) I took a photo of the spines so at least I can create my own miniature version of them.

I love La Gardo Tackett's (PDF link) garden sculptures so was pleased to see them in the exhibition, and it reminded me to keep an eye out for beads that I could use to create my own miniature versions.
They also had one of his planters on display. The frame reminded me of Fred Ward's wastepaper basket for the National Library.
 Seeing the Ackermanns' Elipses mosaic panel reminded me that I have some mosaic tiles tucked away somewhere that I'd planned to use in miniature. Must dig them out.
 And, finally there was an Eames storage unit.
The woman next to me commented how fabulous it was to be able to see it in such close detail, and I agreed as I snapped these pictures:
(And wished someone would manufacture metal leg units like this in miniature). Seeing the construction detail of such an early Eames design reminded me of how I felt when I saw the details of some of Vivienne Westwood's early pieces when they were on display at the National Gallery. I find it intriguing to see where people started and what they built on in their work.

So there we are. Thank you for letting me be your virtual tour guide, and remember to exit through the gift shop...

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