Friday, January 24, 2014

Art store minis

During a lunchtime run to Eckersley's with a colleague on Thursday, I was quite amazed to find they have a miniature section (they may have had it for quite some and I've not noticed, as it's in a spot I usually don't pass on my way to the paper section.)
I was intrigued.
They knew about scale, but there were only figures,
and cars in the range.

Plus (even more confusingly)
a range of 1/12th scale flooring.

I now feel the need to spend some time stalking the back alleys of Canberra to see if any pieces have been created.

(Or I could just ask the guys behind the counter how sales have been...)


modernist molly said...

At 1:50 these must be architectural models. Glad you haven't stopped your daily blogging. I always look forward to your posts at the end of each day.

Penelope said...

If you ask the guys behind the counters, please give an update :)