Thursday, December 25, 2014

A Christmas tradition

Even though I say I don't 'do' Christmas, I do have a Christmas tradition: spending the morning (if not the whole day) in bed with a box of chocolates, some sparkling wine and a good book (or two, Or three).
Pile of three books on a bed, with a box of miniature cupcake-shaped chocolates, a pair of reading glasses and a glass of sparkling wine on top.
This year's choices had a decidedly miniature focus, starting with chocolates in the shape of miniature cupcakes.

And the books?
Scandinavian design in the doll's house (a gift from Paula at Lundby)
Dollhouse And Furniture Advertising 1880s-1980s  (a gift from my Co Editor. I think she wants me to review it for The tiny Times)
Big Art Small Art (a gift to myself)

I was tempted to buy my sparking wine in piccolos to keep with the theme, but that would have worked out to be much more expensive than just buying a standard bottle.

To round off the day's theme, in the afternoon I had a little nap.

For those of you who celebrate Christmas: I hope you had (for my southern hemisphpere readers) or have (for my northern hemisphere readers) a good day.
For those of you who don't: have a lovely restful couple of days.

(And may all of your presents be little ones).


Mad For Mod said...

I hope you had a wonderful relaxing day! The books sound great especially the Scandinavian one! Happy Festivus! (from Seinfeld...It's the holiday for the rest of us)

Jodie said...

Sounds perfectly delightful !

Minis-B-Happenin' said...

This is the kind of Christmas I'll be striving for! PERFECT!

Mini Dork said...

Sounds like the perfect Christmas! Cheers!!