Wednesday, December 03, 2014

Teenage tartan

Modern dolls' house scene of part of a boy's room, with fawn, red and white tartan wallpaper and a white shelf holding a Noah's ark, a toy car, some books and a spinning top. To one side is a BMX-style bike.
It's early December and my mind (apparently) turns to a more masculine-style scene.

And since it's been a while since I made a scene that's not set in Margell, I'd decided to start small, with a 'shelfie'. The white cupboard* from my stash started things off.

My next step was to crack open the drawer full of Typo scrapbooking paper, where I spotted this oversized tartan and was off (another December tradition, it would seem).

Already I was thinking 'boy's room' so that focused my attention when choosing accessories: an ark (and camels) from Elvira's generous gift. A car and spinning top,courtesy of a mixed bag from the last ACTME show. The books and bike were from stash and the magnet from a very early Typo factory outlet visit.

(*I had to giggle because I used its twin last December for a similar scene)

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