Saturday, December 27, 2014

Summer sleeping

Spending the day on Christmas Day in my beautiful bed with its beautiful bedding reminded me that I'd been meaning to make some summer bedding for Margell for quite some time.

I've had a vintage hankie with a lovely edging for years, set aside to make sheets for the bed in my shabby chic apartment, but had always been scared to cut into it in case I ruined it (I'm sure you know that feeling). I also have a second-hand curtain I bought for $4 from the op shop several months ago, knowing that it would make a perfect summer blanket for Margell. 

Since I'd declared today 'Sewing Saturday', I decided to be brave and schedule it into my To Do list.
Modern dolls' house miniature bed with sheet and pillows on it, positioned on top of a full-sized piece of woven cotton curtaining. Next to it is a vintage embroidered hankie, a pair of scissors and a bottle of Fray Check.
Of course it turned out to be a quick and easy job (they always do, don't they?) making my months of angst seem quite silly.
Aerial view of a dolls' house miniature bed with fancy-edged sheet, a white cotton woven bedspread and pillows on it. Next to it is a vintage embroidered hankie, with a pattern piece marked 'pillow'.
(You may have noticed that I haven't yet completed the embroidery-edged pillowcases and am procrastinating by blogging instead... *sigh*)

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