Thursday, December 04, 2014

December decorating

Tonight's scene started with an image I cut out of a catalogue some months ago. Of course, the end result ended up only vaguely referencing the original, but it's appropriately festive for this time of the year (for those who do that sort of thing), so I'm happy.
Modern miniature cupboard-top scene which includes a silver lamp, a bowl of pinecones, a three-section picture, a Christmas angel and a wooden star on the wall.
Here's the original image, which I cut out because the lamp was similar to the one in the parcel that Elvira sent me in June this year, and the picture easily replicable from the one in the package Pepper sent in September last year. The fact I discovered plentiful supplies of miniature pinecones recently sealed the deal:
Catalogue ad showing a silver lamp, a bowl of pinecones, a three-section picture, two wooden vases (dip-painted white, one with a sprig of bush), and a decorator plate on the wall.
Of course things didn't go quite according to plan, I have the perfect desk for the scene. Unfortunately too buried to find this early in December, So I used the vintage German cupboard I (finally) mended last night as a base.

Then I discovered that I don't seem to own a plain white ceramic bowl (let alone a slightly grey version). Not to worry, I substituted the rectangular one that Mad for Mod sent me in February this year.

And of course I don't have white-dipped wooden bead vases. Or that plate. So it was at this stage that things went off-plan. While looking for plate options that might work, I found a wooden star, And the angel that Penelope sent to me in the returned Bellabox in September.

Suddenly my generic-themed copy of a catalogue image had turned into a meaningful display of items gifted to me by various blog buddies. I'm satisfied (but still off to buy a plain white bowl, And find my beautiful new desk...)


Pepper Mitcheson said...

Nailed it =0)

Kristine PaperDollMiniatures said...

Oh I really like this scene! It looks so warm and home-y, you did the inspiration picture justice. The pinecones are wonderful, I can't believe you found them like you did!