Saturday, April 04, 2015

A visit from the Easter Bunny(s)

Since I don't really 'do' Easter, it's a bit odd that today has been unexpectedly bunny-themed (for the first time since 2006).
Bag of modelling flock, bottle of Weldbond glue and a plastic play farm rabbit.
 First hop was the odd impulse to combine the other rabbit from last weekend's farmyard pair with some glue and a the contents of a packet of modelling flock that I was given a couple of years ago.

But before I could get to that I had to answer the sirens' call of the newly-reinstated Typo Not Quite Right table (which has new rules which, though completely logical, I feel are not quite right...)

This meant I left the house for the first time in two days. And discovered these custom-painted Lindt bunnies waiting for me outside my front door:
Two foil-covered chocolate bunnies sitting on a white wall. One has been painted black, the other, white.
 Once I got home from my errands (of the miniature variety, you may be pleased to note), I tested out the 'bunny dipped in green flock' idea.
Plastic play farm rabbit., covered with green modelling flock with various bald patches.
Hmmm.... perhaps a second coat tomorrow before I call this idea a failure?


Pepper Mitcheson said...

Ah, bunny themed topiary. I like the idea =0)

Mad For Mod said...

Love it!