Friday, April 03, 2015

Crate news!

So this photo dropped into my Facebook feed last night, and caused me much excitement:
Three modern dolls' house miniature milk crates balanced on a hand.
Miniature milk crates! Another thing that's been on my mini wish list for far too long.

They're prototypes by Lewis Morley, who you might remember made the comic book shop I photographed at last year's Sydney show. No release date yet, but rest assured I'll be first in line to order some when they're available...

In other news, look!
Modern dolls' house miniature bookshelf with books, magazines and a set of spice drawers on display.
Modern dolls' house miniature bookshelf with plates, bowls, glasses and a set of plastic storage drawers on display.


otterine said...

And you accuse me of being the only one to find the best stuff! :D Those crates are awesome!

Nice job on the cuts, too!

Pepper Mitcheson said...

I love those crates =0)

Mad For Mod said...

At first, I was hoping you weren't going to cut up the credenza,but I love the drawers sitting on the shelf! Great idea. I love the crates too. Let me know if he sells internationally!