Saturday, April 11, 2015

An early morning start

Well hello! You're here early: we're just opening up. If you'd like to wait a couple of minutes the coffee machine will be ready to go and we'll have the seating out.
View of a modern dolls' house miniature cafe from the door, with chairs and stools stacked up, ready for opening.
Here, let me move these chairs so you can grab a water while you wait.
Modern dolls' house miniature cafe water shelf with jug and glasses, pepper grinder and sugar bowl in the shape of a treasure chest.
Perhaps you'd like to grab the comfy bench?
Modern dolls' house miniature cafe bench with squab covered in coffee sacking.
There's lots of room...
Modern dolls' house miniature cafe table and chairs On the wall is a mirror with a gun attached to it.
Or maybe hide down the back in  the corner?
Modern dolls' house miniature cafe corner with a single chair. Above it are a variety of framed pictures of fictional female bandits.
Of course if you'd prefer to grab a seat outside, we'll have them out in just a tic.
Modern dolls' house miniature cafe exterior.
Modern dolls' house miniature cafe exterior detail showing rubbish on the footpath and a paste-up on the wall.


Susan@minicrochetmad said...

This is so darned cool!

Kristine PaperDollMiniatures said...

AHH! It looks so good! High five...we made it on time! I just love the image looking from the outside into the cafe with the bar stools visible inside. The colours and the wood...the little seat in the back corner... it all really captures the essence of a loved eatery. The benches turned out nicely too with the palettes and still look comfy?! I think I'll be back again ;)

Anonymous said...

Having just returned from a few days in Melbourne I can really relate to this laneway cafe ..which of course had to include some 'wall art' that the laneways are becoming famous for