Friday, April 03, 2015

Finish it off (Easter) Friday

I know I need to get back to working on the cafe build for the Shapeways competition (particularly as others are doing very interesting things for it). But I spent today hunched over the May issue of The tiny Times.
Modern dolls' house miniature round table with a laptop computer, digital camera, reading glasses, back issues of The tiny Times, and plates and bowls and cups containing half-eaten pieces of food, including Easter eggs.
And I'm excited to say we've had to add four extra pages, so it's now officially our biggest issue yet!


Kristine PaperDollMiniatures said...

THE AFTERMATH! Somebody had a great Easter Friday :) Chocolate and minis, what could be better?

I know you've mentioned The tiny Times on several occasions and I've looked around and can't find a link... Is there some way I can read this? Like for real?

Hope you have a lovely Easter weekend (and more chocolate too!)

The Shopping Sherpa said...

Hi Kristine

Chocolate, minis and WINE! That's what :-D

The tiny Times ( is the quarterly magazine sent to members of The Australian Miniature Enthusiasts Association. First-year membership of the association for overseas members is currently AU$45(and AU$35 per year after).

This will be increasing on July 1, but we will be introducing a lower-priced digital membership option for members who are happy to receive the magazine electronically.

We're also on Facebook: :-)

Kristine PaperDollMiniatures said...

Ah okay! Thanks for explaining! Looks great!