Saturday, May 23, 2015

Birthday weekend

It's my birthday tomorrow* and I'm having a very quiet weekend away at Margell to mark the occasion and recover from a crazy few months.
Modern dolls' house miniature trunk coffee table with a knitted tea cosy, knitting pattern, wool and a knitting needle on top.
 Last night I finished** the tea cosy I started last time I visited. It goes well with my new second-hand rug, don't you think?
Modern dolls' house miniature stripy blue, fawn and red rug with trunk coffee table on top.
The other new item to be added to the lounge is a TV, something I never thought I'd have down here.
Modern dolls' house miniature holiday home lounge with piano, wood stove and TV on a side table,
It's only temporary though: it's Eurovision weekend, and Australia is competing for the first time ever***. How could I miss seeing it?

(*50: part one. I've decided that 49 is a nasty number so am going straight to 50 for a two-year stretch How did that happen? 50?!)
(** Actually, Judy Foster sold it to me at the May Show, after I realised that I'd just bought the matching knitting pattern in miniature...)
(***Yes, I know Australia isn't in Europe. It's a long story...)


Mad For Mod said...

Happy Birthday!!!! I hope you have a wonderfully fun and relaxing weekend!

Kitty And Kat Miniatures said...

Happy birthday! Your scene is delightful. Love the tea cozy!

Penelope said...

Happy Birthday! Have a great weekend!

m1k1 said...

Pre-celebrating a particular birthday sounds like fun. I think I will start celebrating my 100th in a couple of months. That way if I fall short of 100 by a decade or 2 or 3, I won't feel I've missed out. You're a genius.

Pepper Mitcheson said...

Happy half-century-minus-one Day =0P
Hope you have a lovely weekend =0D

Hannah said...

Happy birthday! =)
The tea cosy looks great! And I really liked Australia's song in the Eurovision, glad to see you added a TV for the mini-people to see the whole thing too =)