Saturday, May 02, 2015

Sydney Show 2015: The Saturday report

Here's the 'live-from-the-hotel-no-alt-text-no-brain-space-to-explain-and-besides-I-wasn't-planning-to-photograph-the-displays-until-tomorrow' photo dump.
 I was super-excited to see this miniature version of a Venturo, created by Felicity Moy. I almost missed it as she only had the house on display today...
Marilyn has finished her Hut on Tyrannosaur's Legs (I'm not actually sure I shared the photos I took of this last year with you...)
 Her partner Lewis had a street of workshops on display:
 (Mmmm.... milk crates...)
 (Me? obsessed?)
(Lewis said, in the May tiny Times, that he 'really want to do a scene with three monkeys typing the complete works of Shakespeare, one on an Underwood, one on an Olivetti and one on a Commodore 64'. So that is what he's done...)
Warren Barnard had told me about this this helical art gallery he'd designed for West End Miniatures when I'd visited him last year, so I was keen to see the end result.
It didn't disappoint.
Finally, I dropped in to see Div, who had created Lily Love's house.
(And announced that she's abandoning 1:12 scale for 1:24 and 1:48)


Mad For Mod said...

Ooooh! I adore the Venturo and the Gallery!!!!!

Pepper Mitcheson said...

Thanks for posting the pictures, it's great to see them. I absolutely love the art gallery. Wow =0)

Ronda said...

I agree with Mad For Mod! Those two are amazing! Thanks for posting. :)