Monday, May 04, 2015

Minis for Margell

I had two items on my shopping list for this year's Sydney show: a crocheted granny square afghan rug (the one I bought in Melbourne last year is too out of scale to work) and a mixer tap.

I found neither, but did find a lot of other bits and pieces to add to Margell. On Friday night my co editor presented me with this beautiful cashmere scarf she knitted for me:
Modern dolls' house miniature wall hook holding two knitted scarves, a lantern and an umbrella.
(The yellow one underneath came from a lucky dip box that I was allowed to rummage through. Twenty cents got me a set with not only the scarf, but hand-knitted mittens and a hat as well!)

In the same box (and for the same price) was the rug on the middle shelf of the storage cupboard. On the bottom shelf of the bookcase you can see my new fly swat ($1) and spare candles ($1.80 for four)
Modern dolls' house miniature cupboard containing spare linen and storage boxes.
I bought dark chocolate Tim Tams and a bag of chips from The Miniature Supermarket ($2.50 each), plus a pair of salt and pepper grinders ($4.50: can't remember the name of the stall)
Modern dolls' house miniature food shelf with packets of biscuits, chips and bottles of oil.
(As an aside: look! A kitchen sink! I have a whole back story that involves a friend's husband who is a plumber who is swapping a couple of weeks' use of the place for installing plumbing. The sink was free because his mate is a builder who often pulls out old kitchens. This is why I need a mixer tap...)
Modern dolls' house miniature kitchen sink unit.
New from the show: dishwashing liquid ($2), dish mop, towel and bar of soap (another find from the twenty cent box), Ferrero Rocher chocolates (50 cents) and handwoven vintage kitchen rug ($5 from Nambucca’s Liittle Shoppe).

Modern dolls' house miniature piano with sheet music.
I bought music for the piano ($5 from Michelle's Miniatures),
Modern dolls' house miniature games shelf.
and more bits for the games shelf (crossword book also $5 from Michelle's Miniatures, cat jigsaw puzzle $5 and tangram puzzle $2 from stalls I've forgotten the names of).
Modern dolls' house miniature sofa with knitting on it.
Finally, new cushions for the sofa ($1 each) and a knitting set ($5). Because you can never have too much knitting...


m1k1 said...

But I forgot to bring you the vege box on Sunday. Oh well. Next time.

Susan@minicrochetmad said...

I can't seem to get the email to work! Contact me re a rug for Margell.