Monday, August 03, 2015

...and in case you were wondering

There's not been much progress on the caravan. (Although I did read the instructions while waiting for the kettle to boil for my hottie on Saturday night).
A set of kit instructions in front of a kettle and hot water bottle on a kitchen bench.
 Sunday, which I thought I might spend getting started on it, ended up looking like this,
Cat and person in bed. There is an open magazine on the lap oif the person, and they are scratching the cat's chin.
Cat, on a bed, yawning.
Cat curled up asleep on a bed next to a magazine and a tray holding a plate of french toast, yoghurt and berries.
 and this...
Cat on its back, cradling the arm of a person who is scratching its chin.

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Penelope said...

Love your cat! So sweet! And it is a good way to spend the day!