Friday, August 07, 2015

Finish it off Friday: Feeling sew-sew

This week's pick from the box of unmade kits is a bag of sewing machine bits from a Chrysnbon sewing machine I picked up for $2 at one of this year's shows:
Plastic bag containing parts of a dolls' house miniature vintage sewing machine kit.
It didn't bother me that most of pieces were missing, as the bits I needed to make a sewing machine table were still there.
Parts of a dolls' house miniature vintage sewing machine kit laid out on a table.
But it wasn't until I unpacked the pieces this morning that I realised that maybe having the instructions could be useful.

I decided that I could wing it, with a mixture of staring deeply at pictures of the completed items from the kit
Completed dolls' house miniature Chrsynbon sewing machine kit.
 and researching pictures of full-sized versions online...

Oh, and in case you're wondering: work on the caravan continues slowly but surely.
Dolls' house miniature retro caravan kit side piece, drying after being undercoated.

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