Tuesday, August 04, 2015

'It'll make a good story for the blog'

That's what I tell myself if I'm being a fraidy-cat and worrying that I'll mess something up so badly I ruin it.

In fact, 'Look I tried this and it was a disaster' is probably a much more interesting read than 'Look, I followed the instructions and the end result was perfect!'.
Bowl of porridge, with instructions for a 1/12 scale retro caravan kit underneath it.
And so, after a breakfast spent rereading the instructions, I ventured upstairs to begin work on the retro caravan kit.

I've spent the last couple of days dithering about how to finish the front hitch, and decided over breakfast that it looked like it could be glued on later (or possibly left off all together) so I could leave that decision for now.

Which meant the first step was gluing the sides to the base. The instructions confidently stated that 'Painting can be done after assembling' but I wasn't so sure, especially as once the roof pieces were on there wasn't much gap in the top to get to the inside.
Modern dolls' house miniature retro caravan kit bottom and sides laid out on a work table, with instructions.
 So I decided to be brave, ignore the instructions, and give the pieces a bit of an undercoat.

Which lead me to the next conundrum. The instructions on the spray-paint can said not to paint in temperatures under 15 degrees celsius. And this is what the current temperature (and forecast) is:
Infographic showing that the temperature in Canberra at midday on August 4 was 6 degrees celsius.
 (For my fahrenheit-using readers:)
Infographic showing that the temperature in Canberra at midday on August 4 was 43 degrees fahrenheit.
If I took any notice of this, I'd never paint anything through the middle of the year (or would spend a lot more on heating, when I'm not feeling cold).

 So I took a deep breath, pulled out the spray paint and the baking paper and gave it a go.
Spray-painted pieces of a 1/12 scale retro caravan kit, laid out to dry on top of a washing machine.
(Fingers crossed)


Mad For Mod said...

That's part of why I hate the winter months here (besides the fact that I hate the cold)...no spray painting! Sometimes I spray things in my garage then bring it inside to dry.

otterine said...

I've done the same thing -- spray in the garage then inside. :\ Why does weather have to slow the progress of minis?!! :D