Friday, October 09, 2015

Daiso deals

I should be sharing my miniature haul from the AMEA Convention, but it's all packed in a suitcase on the back seat of my friend's car, who's bringing it to me from Sydney tomorrow.

So I'll jump ahead, and share what I picked up from Daiso while I was waiting for the train back to Canberra (all for $2.80 each).
Selection of discount items from Daiso, including a table runner, sticker sheet, wire shelves, a paint brush and a packet of metal crafting frames.
 A 30 cm x 30 cm anti-skid mat for carpet. Two sheets of silver and gold star stickers for my Lundby Hack. A small paint brush, a set of bronze-coloured metal frames. And a table runner
Detail of a Daiso table runner.
(which I plan to cut up and use as a privacy panel on the front door of Margell: much cheaper than the lace sticker roll I planned to buy off Etsy).

Two wire 'day beds',
Two Daiso wire shelves, one cream, one charcoal.
 and a packet of partitions with magnets
Packet of Daiso magnetic partitions.
 which looked suspiciously like modern wall shelves to me...
Set of Daiso magnetic partitions, out of packaging.
Oh: and if you're working in  1/6 scale, and have a Daiso close to you, check these chairs out:
1/6 scale Daiso plastic chairs on display.

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