Friday, October 16, 2015

Shopping the stash

In the spirit of still not having paid employment (and having spent several weeks' grocery budget at Convention and in The Blue Mountains), I'm trying to use what I have for my HBS Creatin' Contest build.

The first find was a stash of weatherboard siding I'd bought from James for the shed that was never built. I knew I had some hiding somewhere, but wasn't sure it was enough to cover the whole cottage. Fingers crossed that it is, otherwise I might change the plans and make the rear wall plain.
Woman looking happy and holding up four panels of miniature weatherboarding wood.
 While I was hunting for the weatherboard I rediscovered a roombox kit that I bought very cheaply many years ago, tried putting together and got most discouraged when it fell apart. After which I buried it in the bottom of a cupboard.

Luckily for me the pieces are the same depth as the HBS kit, and large enough to use to cut the extra central wall that I need for my build. There are also some perspex pieces included, that might end up working for the front windows...
Three pieces of MDF, the middle one having had the shape of the top pne traced onto it with pencil.
Rocking and rolling!


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