Thursday, October 29, 2015

Wonky windows

The good news: I worked out how to change my saw blade and cut a couple of window holes in the middle of the back wall.
Dolls' house window inserted into a hole cut in a sheet of MDF.
The bad news: I'm still not crash hot as cutting straight with my scroll saw, so unless I feel the sudden need to channel Hudertwasser, there will be some packing and sanding in my future. And I decided the only sensible thing to do to avert further catastrophe is to cut the weatherboard using a knife and ruler.
Wall and floor pieces of a doll's house kit taped into place, with siding clamped on and sliding doors installed.
The good news: I did another trial fit. I'm feeling hopeful.
One piece of MDF, perpendicular to another, with a small amount of overhang.
The bad news: I miscalculated the length of the middle wall when I cut it. So it'll be headng back to the saw.
Front view of a dolls; house miniature shed kit, held together with clamps and tape.
The good news: I'm pretty certain I know what to do next.
Front view of a dolls; house miniature shed kit, held together with clamps and tape, with a piece across the front.
The bad news: that bit of MDF I picked up from Bunnings for the front looks like it's too high. There will be more wonky cuts in my near future...


Jodi Hippler said...

Not to worry! The Universe just wants you to learn fabulous ways with saw and trim so that you can teach us all! Challenge = opportunity! You can do it!

Mad For Mod said...

Consider it practice...practice mak e s perfect.

Kitty And Kat Miniatures said...

Walls! Windows! That's amazing progress!!