Thursday, November 12, 2015

Feeling flat

It's overcast and drizzling, and I had a late night last night so it's not really a good day to be working on either of my builds (alas, the retro caravan kit has been taken off the list until at least January.)

But I don't feel too bad, as last night was mini-related. Freinds and I attended the opening of ANCA Gallery's The Peculiar Library exhibition and admired the latest from local icon Alex Asch.
Two people looking at an exhibition catalogue in front of an Alex Asch piece hanging on the wall.
Then it was off to the newly-reopened Smith's Alternative to heard another local icon, Fred Smith, and Kiwi Don McGlashan perform. 
Don McGlashan playing guitar and signing at Smith's Alternative. 
This was also (surprisingly) miniature-related as the set up of the venue was almost exactly what I'd been contemplating for my Lundby live-music venue. I need to return in daylight and take some photos as the ones I took last night weren't so great.

Since I'm not painting or building today, and am feeling a little overwhelmed by the whole thing, I thought I'd try and rekindle my enthusiasm for the HBS build by mocking up the back wall. I added the gravel surround and part of the tree fern kit which I was lucky enough to pick up for $2 at a show.
Wall of a dolls' house shed, painted brown with white windows (still taped for painting). pebbles on the ground and fern leaves to the left.
And I feel much better about the whole thing: except now I think that perhaps I should install a garden shed between the two windows as an extra sound buffer and to store the batteries for the lighting which I'll be installing (*cough* once I work out how to do it...*cough*)

Another highlight of the morning was that the letter A bookcase I bought off Etsy arrived in the mail, so I just had to throw up a quick scene to highlight it.
Modern doll's house bookcase in the shape of a letter A, filled with books and ornaments.
(Which made me realise how much I miss throwing up scenes and how much miniatures is feeling like work at the moment. And made me decide I needed to schedule in time each week to make a scene. As it were...)



elizabeth s said...

I too know of that "flat"feeling that you have mentioned but I am Stoked about how cool your new bookshelf looks! It has given me a mini "fix" too! :D

Penelope said...

A+ on your scene! And I also am impressed with the outside of your build. Know the feeling too well of when it feels like work instead of play (when you are trying to finish a build), but then it is worth it in the end!

kittyandkatminiatures said...

I was having a gloomy day today. Made chicken soup. And then you had to go and post that bookcase. And a link to the etsy shop. And then I saw the wall branch book shelf. And I had to buy it because it was affordable and I liked it. Sigh.

But I'm happy that Im getting a wall shelf! Lol

kittyandkatminiatures said...

Oops. And the house looks amazing! When you figure out electrical stuff post about it because it scares me and I eventually will need to learn!

AMCSviatko said...

Kitty and Kat: I may have also slipped the house-shaped wall boxes into my order. Who needs groceries every week? ;-P

And will definitely share what I learn: need to spend some time re reading Mitchymoo and Otterine's archives first...

Pepper said...

There's nothing like a deadline to wipe all the happiness out of a build. I find pressure sucks the creativity out of me too so yeah, pop-up scenes are the perfect remedy in my book.
Don't chew yourself up about the electrics. I'm here if you need me and there's loads of other clever bloggers who can help.
I LOVE the 'A' shelf - great find =0)

Angela said...

Our library in your scene is beautiful ... thanks for letting us see our creation that has come a long way but that has found a home that will love him for sure !!! Thanks to MINI home decor
Hugs from Italy