Sunday, June 08, 2008

Fiscal Fast Day Seven: Frustrated at Fink, hyperventilating at handbags and nine with one blow in the evening

Parking is free in Civic after noon on Saturdays and so yesterday I decided I'd take myself on a big frugal adventure to see the Fink exhibition at Craft ACT plus Rae Harvey's handbags downstairs at CMAG.

I hate to say it but I found the Fink exhibition very very disappointing. There were no signs telling you what anything was or why it was significant in the history of the company and the photocopied flier they had was worse than useless. I'd see something on display and have to try and find it in the thumbnail pictures on the flier. If the item was actually there (many weren't) all the flier would say was something like "light. 1994. Private collection." And on the back page were a list of people and their photos. Which really meant nothing if you didn't know who they were or how they fitted into things.

I got confused and left. The exhibition was very pretty though. I'd show you but I wasn't allowed to take photos...

Downstairs at
CMAG it hit me. This is the exhibition before mine. Oh! Eek! Argh!

Which made me look at it with completely different eyes than if I'd just rocked up to look at some way groovy lucite handbags. I even booked myself into the floortalk so I could get an idea of what I'd let myself in for. And picked up a handful of fliers which included this:
I showed it off to anyone who would look last night at the theatre. Well, people I knew, obviously - not random strangers (that would be just too weird).

And my friends (bless their little cotton socks) all declared that if there wasn't an official opening they would create one (CMAG told me I only get an opening if it's in conjunction with something in another of their galleries. Otherwise I get an afternoon tea...)

Ah, yes... the theatre. To round off my day of free culture I used my first theatre subscription ticket to see
Shorter and Sweeter: 9 10 minute plays. Theatre for ADD sufferers. I liked it.

Day Seven:

Brunch: Tea. Apple drop biscuits with vanilla yoghurt, honey and cinnamon.

Lunch: Salmon cake with tartaire sauce, wedges and salad:
Afternoon tea: Almond toffee!

Dinner: The last of the olive bread from last Friday (don't worry, I froze it) toasted, with hummus.

Total spent since June 1: $51.18

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Michelle said...

Your exhibition is going to be so exciting!