Saturday, June 07, 2008

Fiscal Fast Day Five and Six: In which I expound on a theory to try and cover the fact nothing's been posted here for a wee bit too long

My theory. By The Shopping Sherpa.

Doing a Fiscal Fast is like visiting London.

(Stay with me here)

The first time I visited London it was all new and terribly exciting ("Oh! Look! A Bobby!!" "Marks and Spencers!!" "Woohoo! I'm riding on a double decker bus past some ancient building!)

The second time was much more mundane ("OK, I'll get the tube in from Heathrow and text you as I leave London Bridge Station so we can meet at the entry to Borough Markets and I can chuck my case in your boot.")

Same with the Fiscal Fast. Lat year it was all a new and interesting challenge. This year I know what to do and where to go and what to expect and thus a bit of the fun has been taken out of it.

This morning, for instance I was lounging in bed pondering my breakfast choices after a visit to Choko Bai Jo Farmers' Outlet at North Lyneham shops yesterday evening. "Toasted Turkish bread with wilted spinach, poached egg and parmesan shavings? Yummm..... oh, hang on I need the turkish bread and parmesan shavings (the last of both) for Lunch Club at work on Friday....... Well, then it'll have to be Apple Drop Biscuits and yoghurt, won't it? Just like
this time last year.... Yawwwwwwwn."

But I'm getting ahead of myself

Day Five:

Breakfast: Tea. Fruit toast with ginger lime marmalade. Blueberry yoghurt.

Morning Tea: Carrot sticks and hummus.

Lunch: Freezer roulette: Smoked salmon, red pepper, broccoli and blue brie penne.

Afternoon tea: 2 fruit finger biscuits.

Dinner: Mediterranean bean soup with toasted rolls and pesto.

Evening sugar attack: Home made almond toffee (another use for the glut of cream still in my fridge from last week...)

Finished today:
* Tinned kidney beans (I still have dried)
* Tinned 4 bean mix (suppose I can make it myself from the contents of my bean collection...)
* Onions (on the list for when I go fruit and vege shopping tomorrow)

Total spent since June 1: $22.30

Day Six:

Breakfast: Tea. Apricot oat temptations and milk.

Morning Tea: Almond toffee (yum yum yum)

Lunch: From the freezer: Potato, pea and mushroom curry and rice, served with poppadoms and plum "chutney" (actually the last of some plum jam Taph gave me which isn't very sweet so made the switch very well)

Afternoon tea: Wish I could list something terrible healthy and good for me but alas it was more of the toffee...

Dinner: Salad of spinach and pear (from Choku Bai Jo), hazelnuts (discovered in the back of the baking shelf) and the final wedge of blue brie.

Finished today:

* Plum jam (I have plenty more jam in stock)
* Hazelnuts (not replaceable)
* Blue brie (waaaaaaaah!)

Bought today:
I went a little crazy with the fruit and vege shopping but I know this should last me 2 weeks...

* Half dozen eggs: $2.50
* Leeks, mushrooms, red pepper, onions, zucchini, broccoli, Lebanese cucumber, spinach, salad mix: $18.23
* Coriander: $1.50
* Granny smith apples, fuji apples, mandarins, a pear: $6.65

Total spent since June 1: $51.18

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Cola Cerbz said...

Yeh, its just like when you live in somewhere cool with statues (eg. Rome) its not as special as when your visiting for the first time.

At least you usually have something healthy for afternoon tea (I never do :P)