Friday, April 03, 2009

Colouring? In!

Presenting some end-of-week randomness (in reverse chronological order):

1. Our designer at work presented me with a paper bag full of fabric squares this morning that she'd had for ages and decided she really wasn't going to use:Having just read Loobylu's blog entry this morning about her wheat bag softie pattern I immediately decided these pieces would be perfect for it. I've added the project to my list and should get to it in around, oh, 2015...

Another thing that arrived this morning was this piece based on a picture Classmate Chris took on Monday night of me with a hand covered in mint sauce:(Sorry Chris - forgot to ask if I could blog it but I assume it's OK?)

And to round the post off, here's a page from my Wreck this Journal. Before shower:and after shower:


Michelle said...

Flannel? Nice! Perfect for the wheaty bag doll. That's on my list of "to dos" as well. Everything from the book is, actually!

I am really enjoying your Wreck This Journal adventures!

Chris Blackall said...

Yes, its OK to blog the image.CB