Monday, April 13, 2009

Spat back out into the cold and grey real world...

Where, after a twelve hour sleep and a long shower I feel much more human. I could go back to the final day of the festival today but I think I've done everything I wanted to and so will try and ease myself back into normal life.

If you want a bit of a virtual folk festival you could watch fabulous local boy Fred Smith:

(listen to more here and buy his CDs here)

The Spooky Men's Chorale:

(listen to more music and buy CDs here)

And finally, and most importantly (and not just because he gave me a free CD and so I promised him lots of publicity!) the wonderfully talented Boo Hewerdine.

I first met Boo's music (not that I realised it at the time) when I worked in student radio in the late 80s and used to play a lot of tracks of a record called Walking the ghost back home by a band called The Bible (which has to be one of the worst band names in the universe to google along with The Christians):

Years later I was introduced to the music of Eddi Reader, which I loved, without realising that some of my favorite songs of hers were written by the very same person who wrote those Bible songs:

(Listen to and download more Boo Hewerdine here and buy CDs here)

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