Saturday, April 25, 2009

Seven ways to pass the time of day...*

There's only one thing to do when you wake up on a Saturday morning, still feeling under the weather after a 13 hour sleep, and look out the window and see this:Which is decide that the cat has the right ideaand return to bed after refilling the hottie, making a cup of coffee (as there's no milk left in the house for tea)and pulling a pile of reading material off the bedside table:Stay in bed til after lunch...when you're finally roused by a knock on the door.

Go downstairs to find J (and her Snot Monster) have popped in to visit and pop straight out again to get milk for tea and junk food to go with it.(from the servo as the supermarket is still closed for Anzac Day. Aren't friends great?!)

After J leaves head back to bed (and the reading pile)...Surfacing, finally, to whip up a batch of the most fabulously yummy zucchini cakes in the universe for early dinnerand to watch the full set of Eurovision preview videos. Before heading back to bed by 6:30pm...

(*with apologies to Fred Smith)

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