Sunday, April 26, 2009

Adrift on a sea of tea

This is how I feel after a day of visitors and visiting:My first cup of tea was my usual first thing in the morning mug.

My second cup of tea was with J, M and M's Mum from NZ who dropped in on their way to Sydney with the last of their basil and tomatoes and the proposal that if I were to make pesto and green tomato chutney for them (as they couldn't) I could keep half.

My third cup of tea was 10 minutes later after Cycling S called from the shops and duly arrived with a bakery treat which just had to be washed down with tea.

My fourth cup of tea was at JMcK Crafts' place an hour later while finally turning this into these: (From left: piddly little $12.95 Swanky Hanky, humongous $4 TSS snot rag, humongous $4 TSS snot rag)

Now excuse me: I'm off to do some cooking...

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m1k1 said...

I am smiling at the congruity of a piddly hanky and all that tea.