Sunday, August 30, 2009

How I spent my Saturday night...

Back at Craft ACT for the third night this week.

It was the Bingo Extravaganza so there was a lot to do. Cleaning and setting up, putting the prizes out,
and setting up for dinner.Barb, the Executive Director, mysteriously disappeared so we had to rope a couple of Bingo-expert Nannas in to help sell the tickets and explain how the game worked:It was a *ahem* full housewith suitably Nanna-esque decor:As the evening progressed the Nannas got naughtier(what a big box she has!)I had no idea why they might have been acting that way...There was true/ false trivia to break up the gamesand very excitedand happywinners.

Where was I while all this was happening? Serving dinner, selling drinks, clearing up dirty plates and glasses, collecting rubbish, loading the dishwasher and rinsing pots. Yep, working in the arts is so glamorous... (But did I have fun? Hell yes!)


m1k1 said...

What a super crazy place you get to play, I mean, work.

Rebecca said...

Lovely prizes! Looks like it was great fun.