Monday, August 24, 2009

Iron Artist

You've heard of (or addictively watch) Iron Chef. Tonight at class we played "Iron Artist" as a loosening exercise for our Big Very Important (Scary) Final Brief.

"Take two disparate 3D objects that have had a life or been functional and have now ceased to function or have been discarded - one natural (in our case a bucket of bones) and one manufactured (a child's bicycle)"Then combine the two to make a piece of art in no more than 2 minutes. Our tutor demonstrates:
We discuss the symbolism of the finished piece and then have a go ourselves.

One classmate produces the Bicycle Bird (which I suggested could become the mascot for a children's bike safety campaign):
And I come up with err... this:Which I could say (if I wished to practice my Art Wank) symbolises the potential death of Miss Daisy. Note the skull portraying death. The daisy eyes. The colours white yellow and black, being common daisy colours. And the speaker symbolises the hissing noise coming from under her bonnet when the accident happened.
Next Monday we have to bring our own objects to fulfill the above descriptions. I seriously considered ringing the smash repairers and asking them to keep the bits they remove from Miss Daisy when they repair her for me to use in my final project. Except I don't have a car to transport them to class...

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Rebecca said...

LOL! That is a great idea. You'll have to get whatever objects you choose to class somehow, without poor Miss Daisy as transport, so why not take her broken bits? And of course some knitting bits ..
Does this mean you have to do your final project in class? That would be seriously scary.