Saturday, August 08, 2009

Sometimes I wish my life wasn't quite so exciting...

Yesterday I quit my job.

Tonight I may have killed Miss Daisy... (and missed the final performance of Elling in the process. Which, oddly, I'm more upset about)


m1k1 said...

i hope you're ok.
will vibes of well wishing help?

Michelle said...

Oh dear! On all three counts!

Hope you have a better Sunday!

Olivia said...

I hope both you and Miss Daisy are ok!

Pubdoll said...

Sorry to hear about your really bad day, hopefully now things just can get better!

Checked your link: "Based on the cult Norwegian film of the same name"
So it's a play based on a film based on a play based on a novel?

(It was a play in Norway before they made the film)

JustJess said...

Hope you and Daisy are ok? Which job? hope that things improve.