Sunday, August 09, 2009

I'm fine

Thanks for the comments and emails. It would have been a minor bingle except the car I rear ended has a bike rack on it which kind of impaled Miss Daisy's front end. It wasn't a pretty sight and she hissed at me when I tried to approach her afterwards.

There is still hope that the smash repair place can perform a resurrection but I'm not holding my breath...

I have great friends who are happy to unexpectedly give me a lift to work before 9am on a Sunday morning (because the buses don't run that early) but a little concerned that the Library I'm in charge of today might burn down. Or something. ;-)


Kuka said...

ooooooh noooo!!
We had one of those in April! Would have been nothing - except for their tow bar! It went right through our radiator =(
Good luck with the ressurection

Helen said...

Bike racks and tow bars should be padded like bumpers, don't you think? I hope Miss Daisy recovers quickly.