Monday, August 31, 2009

Shoulda, woulda, coulda Sunday

Yesterday I shoulda slept in. But I got up early and headed to Trash and Treasure with friend Tania.

Where I bought a Sunbeam Mixmaster for $30 to "use in my class project". Woulda been better to not try and pretend as I knew from the moment I first clutched if to my beating heart that there was no way in hell I was going to be pulling it apart.I coulda then gone home and cleaned the house. Instead Tania and I went to Spill the Beans cafe for their two-for-one breakfast special. We're not planning on going back. Want to know a couple of reasons why? Their breakfasts are too big (seriously: who expects to find FOUR eggs on the Eggs Benedict?!) and, when we got to the counter we were asked what we had so they could add up the bill ("Nothing!" I tried saying but, oddly, they didn't believe me). Finally, when I commented that I liked the waitress's headband (a vintage tape measure she'd wrapped several times) she witheringly informed me it was a tape measure. Sure, whatever...

We shoulda called it a morning, but Tania declared she'd never been to
The Canberra Glassworks and wanted to see a couple of the Ranamok finalists and I was intrigued because I'd sold one of the entrants a Fink neck piece on Tuesday. (We liked these ones best)

We woulda been OK except we then had to pop next door to The Old Bus Depot Markets.

I coulda stopped myself buying a button bracelet by Natasha Jude. I tried, by telling myself I could make one but the reply was "yeah, right. Like you'll EVER get round to it!"I shoulda spent the couple of hours I had when I got home cleaning the house. But I blogged instead (while doing washing, at least)

I woulda managed the housework except Cycling S came and picked me up and drove me to Barry by 3 at Pialligo Estate Winery...I coulda just had a coffee but the High Tea (with bubbles and accompaniment by Zoe Barry on the cello) was too good to pass up.

And then I came home and (finally) cleaned the house!


ChallenCharms said...

Sounds like the perfect weekend really :).

Anonymous said...

I like those glass works, especially the little scenes in stacked frames.