Monday, December 07, 2009

Dear Karma Bank

Was it the $2 I gave to someone Friday morning so he could get to work on the bus? The woman who was heading to the camping ground in EPIC on the bus Friday evening who looked worried so I told she could relax until I got off, then count three sets of lights before she arrived? The many people I help everyday as part of my job? Or something I did that I didn't even notice?

Whatever it was, thank you. I've been given many lovely things recently. I thought the free microwave to replace my dead one was pretty impressive. But this morning you outdid yourself in both speed and fabulousness.

I emailed someone this morning to arrange return of fabric she'd offered me for possum costume construction. Almost immediately I got an email back saying (in part) "Well actually - I also have a certain box in my place, that it seems I will never use and it has the letters G O C C O on it. Are you interested?"

Let's just say I was washed, dressed and at her front door within the half an hour. Good thing I didn't start work this morning until 10:30, isn't it?(Now I just have to check that it works...)(Thank you Janet!)


Ampersand Duck said...

Wow! I'll add the 'squeeee' I just made to the one I said when I read the letter that arrived from you today! Double SQUUEEEEEE!

Janet McKinney said...

You are welcome. If you want to return to the Karma bank can I put in order for one of your fabulous designs you make with it!!

Spencer Grace said...

from yesterday- I asked you about Lundby furniture and you said some pieces work. Do you have any idea if the stockholm sitting room set would work!? I would LOVE to be able to put this piece in my house. I love the red pull out sofa and it would work perfectly with the wallpaper I will put in my house. I saw that it was for sale on you ebay shop, so do you think it could possibly work in LakeView.

The Shopping Sherpa said...

Spencer Grace: my email link is on the left hand side bar. I think this discussion would be better had off blog, don't you?

Spencer Grace said...

Shopping Sherpa- I tried the email but I could not get it to send.?

Li said...

OMG! You were just mentioning it to me the other day at the exhibition. I'm terribly jealous! And also happy for you :D