Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Midweek meanderings, Mettoy (and Movenpick!)

In a (rather less extravagant) reprise to my earlier jaunt, I got given a day off and took 162 km. Well, it had been over a year since I last visited Chelsea Park. We squeezed 7 op shops into today (as usual). Plus my first visit to Berkelouw books in Berrima (although I think that large STOP sign should be on the main road, not the driveway)
What we didn't squeeze in was a visit to the bottom of the garden. I got terribly excited when I recognised this in the guest lounge. And then Diva said she had a better one, with furniture, in the workshop. It's nice to know that both versions of the Mettoy house I've lusted after stayed "in the family", even if I didn't manage to visit them both this time.

Why didn't we manage to squeeze it in? Because I was due back in Canberra for our class end of year dinner. At Hog's Breath Cafe, a place I've managed not to visit in Canberra until now.
The video player seemed to be firmly stuck in the late 80s which made for a slightly surreal evening (especially when I spotted some Frank Lloyd Wright concrete blocks in the background of an old INXS clip). But the discovery that they served my most favourite icecream flavour in the world made me a happy person indeed and nicely capped off a pretty great day...


Rebecca said...

Wow! Did she, by any chance, buy one or both of the Mettoy houses on Oz ebay recently? I was just commenting on them, as one of the Facebook members of the Dolls House Collectors Club put up a photo of the Tipp & Co version (if you can call an identical house, just with a different manufacturer's name, a 'version'). Don't know if you can see it:

Cosy said...

Seven opshops in one day is fantastic! I'd love an opshop tour bus to drive me around. Actually, scrub that! It would mean I'd been fighting a busload of people for opshop finds. I'd like a couple of special people driving around with me.

I was in Ikea the other day and seeing all the fabulous black & white fabric thought of you. Strange but true!