Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Saturday in The Southern Highlands

After a civilised start to Saturday, Miss Daisy and I headed south to Chelsea Park B&B, just outside of Bowral (I must confess I drove right past it and had to do a 360 degree circle at the roundabout further up the road in order to find it.)Once I saw my room for the next 3 nights (and the spa bath in my bathroom) it was difficult to drag myself away but the promise of a Southern Highlands op shop tour was enough to have me dumping my bags and running down the (very glamourous) stairs quick smart.

The morning ended with a visit to Peppergreen. I'm
not the first blogger to mention (and photograph) this treasure trove but I suspect I'm the first to leave without spending a cent... I knew it was going to be an excellently good weekend when I spied this under the coffee table in the lounge: (just one of many similar piles.)

And any place that incorporates Deco and dolls houses is the place for me...

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