Sunday, September 26, 2010

How a five second flash of brilliance can wipe out four weeks' work

After spending most spare moments since the beginning of the month working on the August 2010 edition of the Dolls Houses Past and Present ezine and still not having it finished, today I decided I wasn't allowed to do anything else (except showering. Oh, and dressing. Eating. Drinking copious mugs of tea. And doing washing and hanging it out) until it was done. Loaded. Off my plate for another few weeks.

Then, in a fit of brilliance (or so I thought at the time: blame the fact I've been writing and loading photos and building links pretty constantly since 7:30am) I decided to rename a couple of folders in the photo area of the back end of the site from "Feb 10", "May 10", "Aug 10" to "Issue 04", "Issue 05" and "Issue 06". Much easier indexing long term, I thought.

What I didn't think was in a five second period I would break the file path to seventy three photos in this issue of the magazine and, probably (I've been too scared to look) every image in the other two issues. Thus wasting untold amounts of my spare time so far this year, and probably a good amount of my spare time for the foreseeable future.*


(*And yes, I asked tech support if I was able to access the html code for the site and just replace the old file path with the new one. And was told it would be quicker to just reload the lot)


m1k1 said...

oh no ... when spontaneity meets whoops

Sarah said...

I feel your pain!

Kerry said...

*empathetic pat on shoulder* I've done this too when re-filing images used in my Indesing course assingments, though not to such a large scale as you have.