Sunday, September 05, 2010

A wet and wild weekend

demanded a morning spent baking and cooking, and a friend for lunch to help with the eating.

A trip through wind and rain to The Drill Hall Gallery to see Wendy Fairclough's exhibition Commonalities
(and an encounter with a snotty Gallery Assistant: terribly sorry we didn't know the intricacies of glass making but there was no need to make us feel like complete morons...)

This work, Shelf Life, reminded me of Jude Rae 's paintings...Since I was heading to work yesterday afternoon we wandered over to Canberra Museum and Gallery for yet another visit to Something in the Air (making the seventh visit for me) where I discovered a new assemblage:(and realised what was missing from my own version, something I should rectify in an artistic way asap)

Coffee tucked away in the back corner of Tosolinis left me just enough time for a lightening visit to the Craft ACT shop where there's a new display of overflow items from the Call of the Small galleries, available on a cash and carry basis:Then there was work, followed by the second half of Bangarra's Of earth and sky and bed, where I was lulled to sleep by the gentle sound of water dripping...

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