Sunday, September 05, 2010

Circles and sketches

After a big sleep in, a fabulously wonderful lazy morning spent in my PJs doing things I love: blog reading and ironing being two examples, I finally got dressed. And creative. Then I went to meet a friend at NGA where I collected my freebie ticket to their two latest exhibitions and we giggled our way through the Robert Dowling exhibition, probably pissing off the woman in the purple fleece who seemed to always be just where we were (sorry, woman in purple fleece).

But we enjoyed checking out the number of paintings he did in the early days where the hands were tucked behind things. Or in things. Or just out of the frame...

We bandied about words like foreshortening. I tried to explain what a Pre-Raphaelite was. We attempted to work out if there was some hidden message in the fact two paintings, not far from each other, both had subjects who were pointing a finger downwards. And my friend explained to me that Moses was not wandering in the wilderness for 40 years because he was male and refused to stop and ask for directions.

Speaking of being expelled for 40 years, I felt like Moses as I entered the downstairs cafe, having not renewed any memberships this year which gave me access to the Members' Lounge upstairs. But the strawberry eclair I ate cheered me up no end and I decided being a pleb wasn't too bad.

Next stop was the Life, Death & Magic exhibition where I made lots of sketches, reminding me of my visit to the New Caledonian museum last year*:
The final shot of the day was of the shadow cast by The Big Round Thing which usually hangs next to the gallery but is temporarily grounded...(*which I now realise I never shared the sketches I did on my blog)

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Di said...

A great "final" shot to finish a great day.