Wednesday, September 29, 2010

I see hope in the morning light...*

So it looks like The Futuro House is safe. From the outside, at least.Although, looking at the state of the other side of the main dome, I'm not so sure.Dear sad little Futuro House, what is to become of you? (Especially as it seems pretty clear everything else will have to be demolished). Can I take you home and look after you?

(*Thanks to Midge and my brain full of obscure songs from the past for the very suitable soundtrack)


Sarah said...

Oh what a shame about this-it looks like such a great place. Maybe you should make your own!

Kerry said...

I'll bet Futuro House was so cool and futuristic when it first opened! (it's still cool, but in a retro way)

Jus (Bristol UK) said...

Love it where is this one?
How are things by the way?

ninaribena said...

Glad to know it wasn't destroyed by the fire... I wonder if it would fit in my back yard!!