Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Unexpected pleasures

* Cleaning out my wallet and discovering a $10 note hiding in amongst the receipts: enough to buy coffee with a friend at Tosolinis and a bottle of wine.
* Being given a heart-shaped lollipop by the staff at Tosolinis
* Unexpected mail #1: a tiny book of poetry from my Grandmother (Poetry scares me. I will try to change this. Soon.)
* Unexpected mail #2: A $30 gift card from HP. Cashback which I'd completely forgotten about. Now I have to decide: do I use it to post out goodness to other people or buy something decadently unnecessary for myself?
* Unexpected mail #3: Fabulous postcard with hand stitching highlights from a friend in Melbourne: part of our current creative challenge.

1 comment :

Sarah said...

Nice! A surprise is always good, and I love what your friend did to the postcard.